The VR Wave Will Grow

As to the ongoing epidemic, Zhao Bing, President of Elites Group and VR technology expert, recently said that the epidemic’s impact on the VR market is short-term, the VR technology will surely attract attention of more and more people in the future and the market size will be even bigger. In other words, the VR wave will grow and changing values, such as wanting to travel less, may help it.

In the long term, the total shipments of low-end XR markets will grow six times in the next five years and it is predicted that the VR headsets based on smart cell phone will begin recovering in 2021-2022.  

In recent years, along with the continuous emergence of new technologies and new application scenarios of virtual reality, the VR industry has become an important cornerstone driving China’s economic growth. 

The VR interactive systems are widely applied in the fields of urban construction, landscaping, education and teaching, medical scientific research and intelligent sports, thanks to its fine, real-sense pictures and a strongest sense of immersion, which allow users to get rid of temporal and spatial limitations and exert the true feelings of users in a virtual world to the realm of “selflessness”.

In the context of related VR technologies and the boom of VR industry, Zhao Bing has made remarkable achievements in the industry. He has published several high-level papers and monographs that provide unique insights into VR. 

On the journals “Electronics World”, “Digital World” and “Science & Technology Vision”, Zhao Bing published “A Systematic Analysis of VR Natural Disaster Scenario Experience Mode”, “A Study of Virtual Reality in the 5G Era” and “Development and Research of UE4-based VR Interior Design Audio and Video Playback” respectively. The views expressed in these papers are novel and cutting-edge, in addition to highly valuable technical experience.

The bottom line is that the VR wave will grow.