The World’s Most Instagrammed Cities

Social media has brought us all closer together and driven many of us further apart. Thete’s a lot of debate as to whether or not it is a net benefit or liability, but one thing nearly everyone can agree on is that it has made cities, their skylines and pretty vistas far more popular. So we were curious to find out which cities had the most photographed skylines.

That seemed like a lot of work, but fortunately image monitoring platform Pixsy has already analyzed the number of times that the relevant hashtags for 128 cities across the globe have been used. According to Pixsy they determined the most photographed skylines by comparing,”Instagram hashtag data for more than a hundred cities across the globe, famous for their iconic horizons.” And then, “By cross-referencing against annual visitor numbers and local populations, we were able to find out the most Instagrammable cityscapes; those stunning scenes that encourage both locals and tourists to pick up their cameras and click.”

Of course Instagram isn’t available in China, so there are some gaps in the methodology, but this is a still handy tool. Here’s the list.

The most photographed city skylines – by total number of posts

  1. New York City, New York, USA – 768,226 posts
  2. Chicago, Illinois, USA – 313,502 posts
  3. London, UK – 269,786 posts
  4. Boston, Massachusetts, USA – 184,353 posts
  5. Jakarta, Indonesia – 176,012 posts
  6. Toronto, Canada – 143,440 posts
  7. Dubai, United Arab Emirates – 134,035 posts
  8. Frankfurt, Germany – 118,690 posts
  9. Dallas, Texas, USA – 94,083 posts
  10. Seattle, Washington, USA – 89,202 posts
  11. Miami, Florida, USA – 77,892 posts
  12. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA – 66,533 posts
  13. Los Angeles, California, USA – 58,610 posts
  14. Singapore – 58,352 posts
  15. Atlanta, Georgia, USA – 51,335 posts
  16. Hong Kong – 45,189 posts
  17. Sydney, Australia – 43,157 posts
  18. Houston, Texas, USA – 38,891 posts
  19. Melbourne, Australia – 36,729 posts
  20. Nashville, Tennessee, USA – 31,958 posts