Top Cities for Students

Yesterday we published the Top 20 Universities in the world ranking and so part two of our special report focuses on the best cities for international students to live. This is where you’ll want to live, study, play and network while in college or university.

Published annually, the QS Best Student Cities index showcases the best urban destinations for international students, based on a diverse range of indicators grouped into five key categories. Up to 2016, these categories consisted of: University Rankings, Student Mix, Desirability, Employer Activity and Affordability.

Since 2017, the QS Best Student Cities has also included a category called Student View, based on a survey of students and recent graduates around the world.

“Where you go to school matters, so choose wisely”

To be considered for inclusion, each city must have a population of over 250,000, and be home to at least two universities featured in the most recent QS World University Rankings®. For population metrics, the metropolitan area is used where possible. Current calculations suggest that 125 cities qualify for consideration for being a top city for students.

Top 20 Cities for Students
  1. London
  2. Tokyo
  3. Melbourne
  4. Montreal
  5. Paris
  6. Munich
  7. Berlin
  8. Zurich
  9. Sydney
  10. Seoul
  11. Vienna
  12. Hong Kong
  13. Boston
  14. Toronto
  15. Singapore
  16. Edinburgh
  17. Vancouver
  18. New York
  19. Kyoto-Osaka-Kobe
  20. Taipei