Turkish Airlines and Dr. Oz Change the Rules of Flying Healthy

Asian travelers are no stranger to long haul flights. Whether you’re flying Bangkok to Beijing or Singapore to Seattle, Asian flyers know they’re going to be spending hours in the air. But there are ways to make those hours much more enjoyable, and healthy. Turkish Airlines recently announced a collaboration with Dr. Mehmet Oz, the producer and host of “The Dr. Oz Show,” to help promote wellness while traveling.

The “Fly Good Feel Good” project is designed to help passengers have a more comfortable and healthy travel experience. Dr. Oz offers advice on healthy eating and exercises and other tips on how to feel better while on the road.
The project features short videos with expert advice presented on the Turkish Airlines official website, social media accounts and in-flight entertainment systems, along with printed materials and it’s own website.
The collaboration with Dr. Oz is the next phase of the Fly Good Feel Good project, which addresses all actions to be taken before, during and after flight in order to make passengers have a good flight in all aspects based on a good flight experience.
Turkish Airlines pilots, cabin crew and the Flying Chef of flight TK01 from Istanbul to New York on July 23rd helped Dr. Oz surprise passengers before filming content for his daytime show and the “Fly Good Feel Good” project. As part of this special flight experience, Dr. Oz entertained some 300 passengers on the flight with health-inspiring gifts and messages over the in-flight entertainment system.

“Making our passengers’ flight experience more comfortable and enjoyable by continuously improving our brand experience is one of our top priorities.” Mr. M. Ilker Ayci, Chairman of the Board and the Executive Committee of Turkish Airlines, said. “How a person feels is just as important as our award-winning service quality. Dr. Oz will create a special atmosphere onboard where our passengers will better feel the privilege of flying with Turkish Airlines.”
As part of the “Fly Good Feel Good” project, Turkish Airlines has also initiated the volunteer-based “Flying Doctor” practice for when an on-board doctor is needed, which enables physicians who register with the program and gain extra miles on their flights.