What Are The Strengths You Need To Succeed In You Career

HR tech firm, Cappfinity, releases new research on strengths over the last 12 months and their impact in the workplace. Used by more than one million people across 100 countries, Strengths Profile is an online assessment that provides individuals, coaches, and talent professionals with insight into realised and unrealised strengths, learned behaviours and weaknesses, and how they playout in careers and the workplace. 

The latest research is based on 21,000 Strengths Profiles and provides timely insight on:

  • Talent development with a strengths lens 
  • Ways managers can enhance performance by leveraging employee strengths

Cappfinity reviewed data across the five strengths families:

  • Being – our way of being in the world 
  • Communicating – how we give and receive information 
  • Motivating – our drive towards action 
  • Relating – how we relate to others 
  • Thinking – our approach to different situations

Trudy Bateman, Director of Strengths Profile, commented on the new research, “Some really interesting insights have come out of the research. We found that 71% of the population share the motivating strength of Work Ethic as a learned behaviour – rather than a strength. The good news is that it seems we are all working hard but have learned that life is a balance of work and play. The team also found that when it comes to Thinking, it seems our favourite strength is the love of Problem Solving, however we are currently struggling with managing our time. Across all 60 strengths, Time Optimiser saw the biggest change over the 12-month period – it became our most common weakness, with an increase of 11% of people not knowing how best to use their time.”

Alex Linley, CEO at Cappfinity, added, “The pandemic has had a significant impact on our strengths and how we use them over the last 12-months, and we’re delighted to be able to share global data on this in our new whitepaper. We also felt it was important to offer practical help, and within each strengths family we’ve also included action points to help readers apply the learning to support and develop themselves and others.”