Your Guide To Virtual Museum & Art Gallery Tours

If you’re feeling a little stir crazy from staying at home and social distancing during the Coronavirus outbreak, you’re not alone. Fortunately though there are ways to broaden your horizon and enjoy some of the best culture humankind has created. This is your guide to virtual museum and gallery tours.

Fortunately many of the world’s great cultural institutions have free online access to their core collections. And while you’re staying home and doing your part to keep humanity safe, why not enjoy some of the most amazing works of culture the world has to offer.

Google Arts & Culture is an online platform which features content from over 1200 of the world’s leading museums and art galleries. You can curate your own tours through virtual galleries of high resolution artworks, interact with experts, explore cultural sites and enjoy VR tours of nature. 

We love the way you can search artists, art movements, explore natural history and iconic sites, all from your laptop or tablet. If you’re social distancing and home why not dream a little, grow your art and culture knowledge and enjoy a virtual museum tour?  It’s a great way to pass a few hours…. or longer.