Celebrating Culture

Asia Rising’s TV Host Vikrom Kromadit invited noted Thai singer Noknoi Uraiporn and the Siang-Isan Caravan to join him in celebrations to mark the release of his new book New Life2. New Life 2 is written in a simple way with one picture: one page: one story to make it more powerful and accessible for all readers. Further Vikrom has insisted that it be priced at just 25 baht which is the same as a postcard.  This means readers will be able to easily give the book as a gift to someone special during the New Year’s Festival or for other occasions.

IMG_4044Noknoi Uraiporn who is known as the Queen of Thai Country Music is a role model for women because of her tireless contributions to audiences across Thailand. Her musical caravan spends 7 months a year traveling the country spreading a positive message of Thai culture and values. This is a large undertaking with over 400 staff members including singers, dancers, musicians and other support crew living in motor homes as they travel to all the provinces of Thailand. Their passion is to bring this positive message to Thais no matter where they live.

Over the last three years Vikrom’s Caravan Asia has crisscrossed the continent to connect Thai culture and the unique Thai lifestyle with people throughout Asia. During this very ambitious project the Caravan Asia traveled to Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, China, Mongolia, Russia, Kazakhstan and Myanmar for over 16 months and a total distance of 100,000 kilometers. This epic journey of cross-cultural exchange inspired New Life2 and so Vikrom sees the relationship with the Siang-Isan Caravan and Noknoi Uraiporn as a way to integrate this knowledge with beautiful songs in order to share this wisdom with audiences across Thailand.

IMG_3842Vikrom explained why he wrote his new book, “Thailand is at a very important moment in history as we prepare for the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) in 2015 and so it’s crucial that we take stock of our unique Thai values and celebrate our culture. It is also important to learn from the best of Asia and the world to make sure we’re ready to embrace the opportunities and changes ahead.”

The celebrations with the Siang-Isan Caravan will help spread this very important message.

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