Connecting With Consumers in Vietnam

Knowing the business environment in Vietnam is just the first step, but foreign companies also need to understand the culture and habits of media consumption to bring their products and services closer to the hearts of the local people. So what is the trick to connecting with consumers in Vietnam? We have the answers.

  1. Mix-and-match media channels based on audience segmentation

As population density and economic development levels vary between regions, the optimal media channels mix will be different. Therefore, companies should always plan their media mix based on their audience segmentation.

According to Kantar Worldpanel report, in urban areas, the time for TV (Coverage x Frequency) is 17 percent higher than online – the second largest channel. In rural areas, although smartphone penetration is increasing, the coverage of online channels is still less than half that of TV – 95% for TV vs 45% for the Internet in rural. This is probably the most discussed topic among brands today as advertisers here are always pondering about the optimal advertising mix between TV and online channels.

In Vietnam’s four biggest cities (Ho Chi Minh, Ha Noi, Da Nang and Can Tho), Newspaper (33 percent coverage) and Magazine (16 percent coverage) are still effective means of communication for brands to reach their objectives.

In the rural areas, especially the Northern regions, public speakers can reach 76 percent of people to reach a purchase decision mainly thanks to the activities of the Commune Cultural Centers – using loudspeakers to broadcast information, including product advertising.

  1. Build and maintain good relationships with the press

In Vietnam, there is a saying that businesses should “Go to the press first before the press finds you”. According to the Ministry of Information and Communications of Vietnam, there are more than 1,000 press outlets covering many industries in Vietnam and this number continues to grow. Business news is the most closely monitored type of news for the local press.

Without a link to the local press, it will be difficult for the information from your business to reach the market effectively or counter fake news related to your brand. There are many ways to build relationships with the local press. You may connect at events such as our media coffee sessions or directly introduce yourself to the relevant editorial teams.

  1. Connect via Facebook

Vietnam has the 7th largest number of Facebook users in the world. Unlike other parts of the world, Facebook is a platform for business connections in Vietnam. Here, it is common for the Vietnamese people to search for potential business partners’ information on Facebook, send messages, and then progress to arranging for email discussions or face-to-face meetings.

Campaigns that straddle social media platforms such as Facebook – YouTube – Instagram are also popular in Vietnam thanks to rich, creative and easy-to-view content.

Many verticals such as banking, FMCG, hospitality services, governmental organizations, and NGOs, are actively promoting themselves on Facebook to connect and engage target customers.

For example, Phu Nhuan Jewelry (PNJ), Vietnam’s largest consumer jewelry brand, launched a “True Love” campaign celebrating love across all ages, genders or body types, in Dec 2018. As part of its multimedia approach, this brand sent a press release to optimize its channel reach across Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and traditional media such as newspapers. This heartfelt, emotional campaign generated a lot of buzz, even outside Vietnam, with its energetic videos and authentic messaging.

Source: PNJ

Many events such as seminars, forums, and industry fairs are posted by their organizers on Facebook Events to promote and receive registrations. This is a good opportunity for businesses to access information and meet potential partners as well as members of the press.

It’s good for businesses to join the relevant Facebook community groups. Members typically share helpful tips, learning materials, and exchange contacts. We also recommend these community groups to reach out to members of the press or keep up with Vietnamese PR updates:

Currently, LinkedIn and Twitter are not popular social media platforms in our country.

These are the secrets to connecting with consumers in Vietnam.

This blog post is contributed by Trong Tran (Leo), Audience Development Executive at PR Newswire. Leo is in charge of partnerships, expanding our media network, co-organizing our annual Media Coffee event, sharing helpful information in Vietnam market with the media through his articles and interviews. You can contact him at [email protected] or connect with him on Facebook.