The Which Countries Have the Most Positive Influence

A new Ipsos Global @dvisor poll among citizens of 25 countries sheds light on who influences global affairs in this dangerous world and who doesn’t. The poll is designed to determine which countries have the most positive influence globally and which countries’ power and reputation is shrinking.

The results are very telling, Canada’s power is rising, the United States’ reputation is shrinking and Asia’s influence is growing.

The majority of respondents around the world put Canada (81%) at the top of the list of countries and organizations that have positive influence on world affairs today. While Canada’s positive influence score remains the same since 2016, all other countries and organizations experience a decline since 2016, most notably the United States (40%, – 24 pts.), France (59%, -12 pts.), Russia (35%, -11 pts.) and United Nations (64%, – 9pts.).

Other notable results show that citizens in Asia think the world is becoming a more dangerous place as 94% of South Koreans Strongly Agree or Somewhat Agree that it’s more dangerous, followed by 80% of Japanese and 70% of Chinese. One interpretation is the Trump effect which makes the US seem less reliable, more combative and easier to be drawn into a trade or armed conflict. On the other hand, Canada is viewed as a liberal, reliable and calming influence on global affairs. This makes Canada now the country which has the most positive influence on the world.