A Very Western Disease

Until recently heart disease was uncommon in Asian populations. However recent results from a new study of more than half a million Asians indicate that a large epidemic of heart disease is poised to affect China and many other countries in the region. It seems as if Asia is about to be affected by a very Western health issue, heart disease and stroke.

The study, conducted by professionals from China to Australasia  provides important new evidence as t the cause and effects of the problem. The evidence points to rapidly increased smoking and other health factors that contribute to heart disease. These include diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure, particularly in the more urbanized regions of Asia. The conclusions are obvious. Asians are eating too much of unhealthy foods, smoking in large numbers, working stressful jobs and living unhealthy lives.

Results show that in the next twenty years Asia will be faced with a crippling epidemic of heart disease and stroke on a scale previously unknown unless significant changes are made. This is the time for governments and healthcare practitioners to work together on consumer education models.

In  the West a combination of taxes and educational programs have made smoking a social stigma and the results show lowered spending on healthcare and generally improved health all around. This report should serve as a wake up call for Asian leaders as now is the time for Asian countries to avoid an epidemic of preventable health issues.

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